In order to get the optimal benefit of your peel it is advised that you do preconditioning befor your procedure!

Avoid Stress to your skin

1. Avoid any other Chemical peels two weeks before your peel. 
2. Avoid microdermabrasion two weeks before your peel.
3. Cut out tanning booths 
4. Limit your sun exposure
5. Be gentle on your skin( no waxing, or depilatory removal 
6. You should avoid chemical injection treatments like botox or fillers at least one week before your treatment

Post Peel Regime

In most cases a kit for post peel treatment will include gentle moisturizer, treatment balm and sun protection. Some peels will include the kit and others you will purchase seperately. But you will want to invest in a kit for the safety of your skin depending on the depth of your your peel.  These kits will ensure that your skin heals properly and you achieve the results you are wanting to see from your peel.

Preparing your skin

1.Take antiviral medicine as prescribe. If you have a history of herpes on or around the mouth. You may want to get medication to help eliminate the chance of it coming up after your peel
2.Depending on the depth of your peel you may be instructed to use certain skincare to get your skin ready for the peel. For instance Glycolic lotions or cleansers are usually used befor a light peel. It is used two weeks before the treatment to ensure that your skin peels uniformly and heals more easily. A retinol cream or serum is usually used for light and medium depth peels to shorten duration of your treatment and speed
up healing process.( Retinol creams should be discontinued 3 days before your treatment and sometime 7 days)
3.Use a bleaching or lightening agent. This will help with reducing the chance of darkening during the treatment. You will be instructed to stop use 7 days before your peel. This should be used for all peel levels.
4. Medication 
Some medications will make your skin more sensitive and should be not used before your peel. Here is a list of some :
    • antihistamines[25]
    • coal tar and coal tar derivatives[26]
    • certain contraceptives (birth control pills and female sex hormones)[27]
    • non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs[28]
    • phenothiazines (tranquilizers)[29]
    • psoralens[30]
    • sulfonamides (antimicrobials)[31]
    • sulfonylureas (oral diabetes medications)[32]
    • thiazide diuretics (water pills)[33]
    • tetracyclines (antibiotics)[34]
    • tricyclic antidepressants[35]

Why Us?

Why trust More Than A Pretty Face for your chemical Peel?  Because I stand behind what I do and you are going to get my attention and consistent care for your skin. You will not be handed off to an assistant or fellow esthetician or tech. You will recieve my expertise and I have worked on many skin types and skin conditions. I am committed to giving you the best care possible. Give me a try!