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Acne No More Facial (Teen and Adult)

Addresses teen and adult acne. Your skin will be analyzed and you and the therapist will try to pinpoint keep notes on how to cut down on your breakouts and help clear your skin. The facial will leave your skin exfoliated, hydrated and very fresh and clean. Extractions will be done with this facial.

Chocolate Truffle Facial

This facial is for everyone but especially if you love chocolate. Indulge in the rich chocolate mask that will be applied to your cleansed, exfoliated and relax skin.  The facial will include extractions if you need it but you can choose not to get them , if this is a total relaxing session for you.

Collagen Infusion Treatment

This unique treatment infuses collagen and elastin nano-molecules into the skin. The result is younger and suppler skin just after one treatment . Deep wrinkles begin to fill in and skin is firmer and toner.